born and bred in the heart of southern maryland, aisha’s art for aesthetic originally stemmed from fashion. in mid 2013, she began freelance blogging for ‘the rectified,’ a fashion blog consisting of weekly posts, connecting and engaging with the blogging community. a year later, aisha launched ‘veins of vogue’ — a philanthropic apparel line promoting mental health awareness where a portion of proceeds are donated to nami, the national alliance on mental illness. as a result, aisha has been an in your own voice speaker and mental health advocate, actively promoting creative outlets as a means of art therapy. since then, she has given a potpourri of public speaking opportunities including  monologues, panels and workshops in the washington d.c. metropolitan area. juggling fashion and photography, aisha continues to focus on her memoir, discussing her experiences as a first generation south asian on the stereotypes and stigmas on mental health while growing up in a right-winged muslim community.