almost seems as though it’s the ‘new black,’ doesn’t it? — [that] if the strings of self-expression through the aesthetic of art were pinched, one’s individuality translates to a sheet of nonexistence. with social sharing platforms like instagram, countless creatives have transformed the power of influence, impact, and inspiration of showcasing their skills and talents through their fingertips with a touch of a button, or two. sharing your emotions through art not only makes you human, but ultimately builds a podium — outstanding vulnerability and susceptibility to connect with others.

but does not having a creative outlet… make you uncreative? despite technology breakthroughs over the years, just ’cause times are a’changin’… should our ways or self-representation and individuality, do the same?

a beyond talented painter, one of my closest friends made her ig and fb accounts not too long ago. [and] for a brief moment, it had swayed me to believe that there are many people out there who genuinely give very little to no significance and notice to social media — let alone promoting their masterpieces through fb pages and accumulating likes and followers via instagram posts. whether life’s throwing too many sour lemons or a backslide of hours in a day, fact is that not every soul bearer is on social media.

do i think social media is gradually gormandizing our souls day after day? absolutely. do i believe there’s still hope for generation z? possibly. it all narrows to how you use it, not what you use. without a doubt, a social media detox is necessary every now and then (especially if you’re anything like me). but, most of the time, we hold these perspectives when referring to personal use, contrary to showcasing our work professionally. whatever that creative outlet may be, share it. abuse, manipulate and exploit the internet and what it has to offer, in every way you can. from squarespace to society6, you and every other creative is competent of sharing, of inspiring. social media or not, to all my fellow creatives out there – don’t stop. be original, be bold. stay hustlin’ & stay creative, always. 


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