if anything sanctions as a tease, it is the intricate arts of social media. calling it a barefaced lie seems a bit too rash, ’cause in one way or another… lies some truth behind it. think about it — to get those designer (possibly knock off) sunglasses at that precise 45 degree angle, to capture enough natural light so you refrain from overexposing the brightness when editing on vsco. it’s a struggle, let’s be real. that’s a lot of arithmetic behind nailing down a visually appealing photo that speaks volumes to hundreds (or thousands, give or take). whoever told you we don’t use math in life, think again.

impossibility. keeping up with every notification, every top rated tweet, every recent photo that pops up on your newsfeed. keeping up with every social media handle and platform that’s out there — and that’s just the beginning. can’t blame ’em. the hype around social media has gradually morphed into a plague. next to boxed water, it’s the next big thing. 

our entire lives revolve and rely on technology, making it somewhat difficult to keep track of what to use and how often to use it. what raises more eyebrows…  [is] the thought of anyone having the power to publish anything about their lives. granted, some may argue virtual social engagement serves as an influence; creating and building a community to bring together individuals sharing a common interest, skill and/or talent. others may say the backlashes of that may bring about frat-like, mafia behavior — possibly even triggering anxiety influenced by social media. (did a case study on facebook addiction disorder back in community college. it’s a real thing, look it up.)

regardless of what your take may be on it, it exists. staging a significantly large portion of moments instead of living them. enacting [moments] instead of embracing them. it seems [relatively] inorganic, no? 

now before i’m stormed with texts and comments, social media is one of the most innovative ways of connecting with people, serving as a creative outlet to build and promote community culture. (i’m getting certified in digital marketing, for heaven’s sake.) but like most concepts and elements and theories, leverage for manipulation exists and thrives. it holds and possess the dynamism of monopolizing you until culmination. we get engrossed in the glitters and glamours and golds of it all and that’s where it becomes lethal.

silver lining?

as i say… take in doses, not dosages. five years from now, last week’s eggs benedict is going to be irrelevant. your opinionated facebook status on messy  american politics will be yesterday’s news. published creative content’ll matter… well, for only a moment’s time. but for now, take it easy. day by day. you’ll continue living and breathing and thriving, I promise you. moderate doses, moderate distribution. don’t wait til the overdose.




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